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Customer Buying Journey beats MarTech Anyday!

Between a customer first visiting your website or connecting with you in Linkedin and being closed is a journey filled with opportunities to differentiate a company from the competition.

Too often technoprenuers focus their initiatives, including digital marketing, on one thing: lead generation.

What they usually forget is that lead generation is usually the effect. An outcome. Whereas the cause is a unique (tailored) process that leads your prospects through a unique buying journey for which they are willing to listen, spend more time and even pay for your services as a customer!

“In a crowded and noisy market, if you treat your prospects well, lead them on a journey and give away your wisdom, and at the end you get paid for your commodity.”

One thing technoprenuers should understand and learn is about the value of a process as a means to avoid commoditisation. A unique process that is tailored to be in line with your customer buying journey is also a way to get paid sooner–you can demonstrate value from the very beginning.

Successful technoprenuers and leaders are those who take the time to look at their own business practices comprehensively through the lens of their customers to understand how they measure up to their customers’ needs and expectations. They continually ask and seek answers to whether each customer interaction lives up to the brand experience that the company is trying to create.

Case Study: The Challenge: Poor Brand Recall, Ineffective Buying Process and Poor Customer Engagement

Situation: With one of our TechCelerate clients, poor brand recall, weak prospect engagement and long sales cycle time, and diminishing top of funnel development were indicators of challenge they were facing. This problem can be squarely attributed to their customer experience philosophy. After conducting a workshop and working through a rapid diagnostic, we discovered a key finding:

Finding: At each touchpoint, our client was offering a product led brand position which got diluted amongst a dozen competitors in the same space. World is full of products and less reliable companies that deliver value. Moreover, at each client interaction, our client had 75% chance of creating a positive outcome for buyers. Yet they didn’t. Though they delivered superior customer success and post sale value, it was not shared or communicated in the customer buying journey effectively.

Touchpoints weren’t broken and at best transactional. The explosion of potential customer interaction points—across new channels, devices, applications, and more—makes consistency of brand messaging, service and experience across channels nearly impossible—unless you are managing the journey, and not simply individual touch points. If you do, you are missing a golden chance to create an experience to scale your business.

Don’t simply slap digital marketing and call it customer experience

So slapping a digital marketing layer on top of your business, adding an email campaign tool and having inside sales hit the phones is not going to solve your demand generation problem.

The end goal is to have a clearly documented buyer’s and customer’s journey that maps the key touch points each and every person is bound to have: form submits, password resets, chats within the website, BDR contacts, sales reps, sales engineers, implementation specialists, support, accounting, the renewals team, etc.

And from this touchpoint analysis, tailor a unique process that offers a differentiated experience for your prospects and customers who feel understood, listened to and thereby you win them over with your compelling value proposals.

These deep-funnel and customer experience can impact your demand generation results or support your renewal activities.

Your Next Steps

Thus far I’ve been trying to get you excited about the opportunity to differentiate your business through superior client engagement and deliver some serious competitive advantage. But now let’s talk about a plan. There’s a lot of areas to consider and you’ll want to create a customised approach, but a few places to start are:

  1. First, download this ‘Customer Touchpoint Analysis Questionnaire‘ that will let you assess how you fare in your customer acquisition journey. This is a great place to start thinking about how digital technology can drive your customer experience to become a core competitive advantage.

  2. Spend time understand how you can add value to your prospects and customers as they start interacting with you.

  3. Finally, build a unique selling process that allows you to differentiate your brand, engages prospects in a unique way and articulates your value (contextually) and makes your offer compelling for them.

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Life is short. Take action now and grow. Best Wishes.

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