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Still relying on Naukri, Monster, Indeed to hire client facing talent? Have you managed to find right candidate who can help you win? Has a sales expert helped you pre-screen, assess and do the hard work saving time?


1. Map Your Needs

We understand your revenue goals, objectives, selling process, what you expect from the talent and timelines.

We know the importance of aligning talent to your revenue strategy. It is that important. 

2. Locate Talent

We are always in the market for right talent. We know how to spot ambitious, driven and growth oriented individuals who want to be part of A team & company.

They are not available in Naukri or Indeed. We have to woo them.

3. Qualify Talent

Our team sources, pre-screens and puts forward candidature to expert panel who help assess marketing & sales capability, achievements and also do psychometric analysis.

Well you don't want to waste time with potential talent that is a misfit. We do the hard work for you.

4. On-board Talent

Once you like the candidate, go ahead and make a job offer. We will work with you to on-board the talent to create a welcoming journey ahead.

If required, we can continue to work with you to help talent succeed.


1. We Know The Game Too Well

We at Agility Nexus consult and help TechCEOs drive revenue. We know what kind of sales & marketing talent can help Tech firms succeed. 


We pre-screen, curate relevant credentials, assess skills and capabilities of sales and marketing folks, so you can be confident that you’re interviewing the top sales talent around.


Today, you will have to struggle to search for qualified sales talent let alone get to know their capability and skills. We make your life so much easier.

2. We Qualify Deep To Match Needs

We go deeper than a traditional resume, Job boards or LinkedIn profile. See all of the candidate sales stats such as specific capability, skill level, performance (deal size sold), market knowledge, coverage, what they’ve sold and who they’ve sold to.


Where can you find that info today? Hiring teams spend tons of time, leaders spend hours interviewing candidates before they get to know that the fit is bad.

With us you save days (not hours) in locating the right candidate with an intent to hire. 

Don’t you like it?

3. We Extend Beyond Placement

You save valuable time by engaging with candidates who have the skills, experience and fit you’re looking for.

We just don't stop there. We stay true to our mission of helping companies drive revenue. Our account managers are vested to see that that the talent succeeds in your organisation.


We can work with you on interventions, trainings and other important ways to ensure people investment does not go begging.


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Mag Rajasekaran

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I help TechCEOs achieve revenue goals, install systems, execution capabilities, talent & belief to hit targets. Let's do it.



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I’m passionate about matching right talent with right opportunities. That solves most of the challenges.

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