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Work Less,

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Prospecting Tool For Inside Sales & Hunters

SalesBuddy helps inside sales teams research accounts and buyers, spot signals and customize touch messages to get a response.

Step into future of intelligent prospecting.


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The Problem We Solve For Marketing & Sales

Simplify research

Inside sales and hunter sellers spend atleast 20-30 minutes researching accounts and buyers. We cut it to seconds.

interpret signals

It takes business experience and tons of company specific training to spot and interpret buyer signals. We do it seconds.

customizeD messages

Developing customised messages that evoke a response from buyers is the holy grail in marketing and sales. We have a library or curated messages that you can use right away.

How SalesBuddy Solves The Problem?


Key Features


Research contacts, accounts, latest news, trigger events - all from one window. No need to jump between multiple windows and waste time. 


Get curated info about target contacts, accounts in front of you with necessary prompt that gives intelligent insight. You can now pick and choose what is meaningful for your prospecting context.


Get trigger events associated with your contacts and accounts in order of priority. This gives super power to your selling team.


Based on our AI algorithm, signal s are scored and a proposal is made with best contact strategy. Sellers can use that or can improvise to engage buyers. 


SalesBuddy AI will help build meaningful messages that are aligned to account context and signal spotted. This elevates even junior sellers to next level that saves both time and brand erosion.

CRM INtegration

SalesBuddy seamlessly integrated to both Hubspot and ZOHO CRM thereby saves a lot of time for sellers in validating contact and account data. All messages are stored in CRM for next best action.

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