3 Mistakes Technology Entrepreneurs Should Avoid to Break Millions in Revenue.

Having worked with both big and small tech firms, it is interesting to observe that entrepreneurs keep making the same 3 mistakes and expect different results. 

If you can fix these 3, you are already on your way to move from a chaotic revenue pattern to a predictable results.

Leads will shift from a trickle to a flood, customers will love working with you and you will find more time adding value to them than being – continuously frustrated.

Stages of business growth

Find Out how these mistakes.....

Derail your growth plans, unsettle sales, demotivate people and put you under stress

  • Fixing these mistakes are in fact easy. You just have to know how.
  • You can fix it faster than you think. It pays to act now.
  • You need help. You can only do zillion things at the same time!

Author spotlight

Mag, the B4B Guy has been working with tech entrepreneurs to solve sales challenges, addresses strategy and introduce systems & processes to connect customers to solutions. Over the past three years, he has worked with hundreds of tech sellers, sales managers and leaders to change the game and play to 21st century sales models.

He is passionate to make entrepreneurs and their team win.

Mag Rajasekaran

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