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Build Your Own Sales Process and Trust It!

Start answering these questions:

1. Do you have a standardised lead and opportunity management process that has been rolled-out to anyone who hunts?

2. Is your demand and opportunity management process is consistently followed by marketing and sales teams?

3. Does your demand management process align with how your buyers (segment wise) make purchase decisions?

4. Is your sales cycle length is shorter than your competitors?

5. Is your conversion and win rate is higher than your competitors? Do you know?

6. Is your average deal size is higher than your competitors? Is it growing quarter on quarter?

7. Is your Demand Management process are embedded into your CRM system and actively used by marketing and sales?

9. Are you running weekly cadence on Leading, and Lagging KPIs that determine success and/or failure?

10. Are you deploying feedback from this process to make it even more robust?

If you want to sell better, start creating your own, repeatable processes that will get you to your goal.

Just like losing weight, each one of us have to figure a way that works for us. Getting lost in umpteen weight loss plans, apps, gadgets, and recommendation is often the case with many of us. Picking one plan, one process per buying journey and staying disciplined to set of activities will definitely get you off to a good start and deliver results.

Improving from that place of progress is much easier than frequently flipping over to multiple approaches, processes and activities.

Too many TechCEOs and selling teams just get lost in a bunch of activities without a plan. They make calls. The write emails. They read books. They follow up on tasks, etc. But what is missing with most sales people is consistent, reliable, processes that increase the probability of making their numbers.

If you want to sell better, step back and analyse how you do what you do. Start learning to ask WHY?

  1. Do you know why your customer buy from you?

  2. Have you segmented your market based on how your clients buy?

  3. Have you set up sales process in line with buying process?

  4. Does your marketing team know how to drive demand per segment?

  5. Do they have clear execution path?

  6. Do your seller hunters know what to do?

  7. Why do you call when you call?

  8. Are they the right times?

  9. Why do you write the emails you write?

  10. Are they the correct emails?

  11. When do you prospect vs. follow up on existing pipeline opportunities?

  12. How do you manage open tasks?

  13. What tools have you/do you incorporate into your daily routine.

  14. Why do you use the tools you use today?

  15. Why are you using the current cadence that you use?

  16. What are the outcomes you expect from each process?

  17. What happens if it’s not delivering?

  18. How are you identifying new companies to call, or connect with?

  19. How do you know when to change things up, etc.?

The best Tech firms people build repeatable sales processes that increase their probability of being successful.

Take inventory of your demand and opportunity management process and evaluate how you execute. Where is there room for improvement? How can you maximise your chance of success?

What things can you do, repeatedly, that will get you more opportunities, accelerate the sales cycle, increase the average deal size and more.

The times you are most successful is when you put a solid measurable process in place. It’s when you become an expert in “how” something can be done. When we become experts in how to do something we increase the probability of getting it done and done well.

Start analysing your work flows, your work processes and how you execute. Look to build effective, repeatable methods to do your job and then trust the process. Too often we underestimate the power of execution. It’s not enough to just do. We have to do it well also.

In our case, we have used a consistent prospecting process, set of KPIs and a solid CRM (Hubspot) to drive our sales pipeline.

We know how we will qualify and move our Subscribers to become leads and further to become sales qualified leads. We have honed our process over a period of 5 months and now we know how to go after our Ideal Customers and Prospects.

This has resulted in a consistent increase in our pipeline and movement towards our sales goal.

If you want to get better at selling, build your own processes and trust them.


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Life is short. Take action now and grow. Best Wishes.

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