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The 12 Accelerators: How To Scale Your Tech Business Fast?

I want to teach you the model that helps us scale your Technology businesses.

You could be a System Integrator, Software or Hardware OEM, Specialist Services Player (Analytics, Security, AI), IT Services or into tech business that is into a consultative selling cycle.

I don’t know how much you know about the work that we do, but our job is really simple.

We take Technology businesses with an annual run rate of USD 1M up to USD 10M and take them from $X a month and help them to get to $2X within a year. And we do it with this model right here:

More than anything in the world, I want you to have a technology business that can scale.

And what I mean by that is a Technology business that gives you more of three things.

I don’t know why you became a Technopreneur, but I’ve got a hunch that there are three things that you want.


Number one, I want you to have a technology business that takes the lid off the amount of money you can —the amount of cash you can make, and income you can make from your business.

Most tech businesses are stuck or limited —the amount of money they can make mostly depends of the number of clients added, number of projects executed or number of licenses or subscriptions sold. If this is not happening, you are not making money.

So, we want to take the lid off money.


Number two, that maximizes the amount of impact you can make.

So, in other words, that instead of making a big difference to —like 5 or 10 or 15, maybe —like, 20 clients, that you can impact hundreds of clients instead. Or you can pick and choose key clients with whom you want to do business and grow.


And thirdly, the amount of freedom you can enjoy; we take the lid off that as well.

I want you to have more money, and more meaning, and more TIME freedom.

But more money, and more meaning, and more freedom are really the three things that drive me and most of our clients.

The three things I think we want more to grow your Tech business.

To get more money, more meaning, and more freedom, there are FOUR parts of your technology business that we need to focus on.


We need to look at the way you attract leads, the way you get them interested, the way you convert them into clients, and the way you deliver your service so you can help more clients succeed — and make more money.

Right? Here’s what happens, though.

Most technology businesses aren’t built in a way that can scale at all. Most technopreneurs don’t have a system that helps to attract prospects, get them interested, convert deals and propagate your good work.

Because they don’t, they end up with no audience or pipeline. Right?

In a little bit, as we go through the How To, I want you to kind of —to look at this not as, “Oh, this is interesting content that Mag’s teaching.” But I want you to look at your technology business through this lens.

Now, most people don’t have a way to get enough leads in. So, then, no audience. Like, world’s best-kept secret; no fun at all.

Most —so, that’s the opposite of being able to attract.


Once you are able to attract prospects to your domain, you need to get them interested in what you do or offer.

Without interest, you will not be able to get engage deep with your prospects. Interested prospects are curious.

They would like to know how can you solve their problems and get them to a safe place. Your prospects are inundated with choices and are facing an overwhelm. Without interest, you are not going to go too far with them in their buying cycle.


If you think about the convert side of your business —the way you convert prospects into clients.

Most technopreneurs don’t have a way to convert the client —prospects into clients.

They end up with a big fat cash problem called, “no sales”. Right?

No audience means your marketing is limited.

No sales mean we’re not converting prospects into clients. So, it hurts our dollars.


Now that you have successfully delivered your client engagement, how can you make your client become a raving fan of what you do?

How can you ask for referrals? How can you make your client sell for you?

This something big companies have mastered. Technopreneurs are often in the dark when it comes to propagating their body of work through referrals from existing customers. You need a system to get this done.

The 12 Accelerators

What I want to do in a second is I want to share with you the twelve accelerators — the twelve projects that we use to drive a technology business and take you from where you are right now to a 2X dollars a year in the next 12 months.

We’re going to start with Attract side of the model because frankly, we’re going to generate leads and we’re going to sell stuff. We need to know what we’re going to get leads for and what we’re going to sell.

Okay? So, under Attract, there are three accelerators —three kinds of focus areas that we zoom in on in order to grow your Tech business.

Attract: Segment

What is your target segment? Who is in your target market?

The easiest way to think it is who do you love dealing with? Who in the past have you had good success with? Who you like working with on a day to day basis and could do for the next year or more?

So there is your target.

We can then get deeper on that, of course, and look at what keeps them up at night, what the pain is. But for now, choosing the right target market and the segment will allow you to focus, message and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Attract: Build authority

The second thing that helps your business to differentiate is to build authority.

Positioning yourself as an authority is critical. It affects how many referrals you get, how much clients will pay, and, when done correctly, can begin a new chapter of truly enjoying your practice.

To go from ‘Who are you?’ —best kept secret— to kind of a big deal in your space is extremely crucial.

So, we want to fill your funnel; that’s about getting leads in. And then we want to build your authority so that it’s easier to sell to the people that you’ve got —so they become quite a big deal. The more authority work we do, the easier that sales become.

Attract: Install automation

Again, so that you don’t have to do all of this stuff yourself. Automated just means you don’t have to do it.

So, it might be that you have a virtual assistant running some of the systems for you.

It might be that you have an active game plan campaign or Hubspot, or any other software gadget —some kind of system that you can design a campaign and just have it run for you every single week without you having to be physically involved so that marketing does what it needs to do.

When we can do those three things; Segment your market, build authority, and install automation, guess what happens?

Now, you’ve got an attraction system that is absolutely humming.

We’ve talked about the three accelerators for how you attract leads into your tech business. And in just a moment, we’re going to talk about the way you get them interested in you.

But what I’d love to know right now is if you think about these three attraction pieces, what do you need most right now?

Do you need to analyze your market and identify your target segment?

Build authority and become a bit more of a key player in the space?

Or is automation the thing that you most need?

Do us a favor and just type into the comment box, which one of those three? Leave us a comment, which one of those three do you need most right now?

Now let’s move onto the Interest side of the model.

So, under Interest, there are three accelerators —three kinds of focus areas that we zoom in on in order to grow your Tech business.

Interest: Sell with webinars

So, on the Interest side, the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to audition clients. The second piece is to sell with webinars.

Big fan of the old webinar; done a bunch of them in my time. And frankly, it’s a little bit of a secret weapon.

There’s something magic about being able to show up on a webinar, and have a few hundred perfect prospects show up as well, teach your heart out for an hour or a little bit more, and then have them jump on your offers and say, “That was incredible, but I want more.”

That’s exactly what we want. Okay? And so, the second Interest driver that we run to grow your tech business is to sell with webinars. And that —which leads us to the second.

Interest: Fill your funnel

So, the second thing we need to do in the interest side is to fill your funnel.

Most technopreneurs don’t have a funnel, and if they do, it’s not full.

And so, there are two parts of that:

It’s designing out the perfect funnel to get you the leads that you need, and then turning on the traffic tab to drive people through —whether it’s to a webinar or a case study funnel, or an appointment funnel.

We just need a simple funnel that drives new traffic your way and generates the leads you need for your funnel. That’s the first project —that’s about getting rich.


On the convert side of things. There are three ways that you can scale up client conversions.

They are Strategy Session, Value Builder, and Killer Proposal. Each of these is designed to convert your prospects into paying clients.

Using this framework, we have been able to help technopreneurs install systems and tactics that allow them to scale with very little resource investment. Without a system, a process and an approach you are pretty much stumped and cluttering yourself with unwanted activities.

In summary, I don’t know what your colors are. Whether you have a lot of greens (going is good), or lots of oranges, or lots of reds. But if you had more greens and oranges than you’d like —or frankly, you’re on the right track.

But you just want to go faster— then, I’m really glad you’re here because later this month, we’re starting a brand new case study group for our Techcelerate Program.

And we’re going to work really closely over two or three months with a small group of coaches and help them to implement these systems week by week by week to go from red to yellow, and yellow to green.

It could be the perfect way for you to go from where you are to 2X your revenue within a year in your technology business quickly. In it, we cover each of these twelve accelerators with a heavy focus on – Attract Cycle, filling your funnel, and then converting opportunities into deals.

Take good care. I’ll talk to you soon.


P.S. Whenever you’re ready… here are 3 ways I can help you grow your tech business :

1.  Grab a free copy of useful stuff that can help you grow your tech business. More in our blog.

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2.  Schedule a 15 Minute assessment call with us – Click here.

We have worked with a bunch of tech companies and have offered them systems, strategies and coaching to attract and convert clients. We help you install sales and marketing systems that automate stuff and help flood leads and drive higher revenues and margins. Talk to us.

3   Join our Implementation Program and be a Case Study

I’m putting together a new coaching case study group at Techcelerate this month… stay tuned for details. If you’d like to work with us on your client-getting and scale plans… just reply to this message and put “Case Study” in the subject line.

Life is short. Take action and grow. Best Wishes.

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