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How to keep Go To Market Strategy simple?

I have been observing and working with company companies on how they take their product or service to market. While most have it right to a certain extent a lot can be done to make GTM slick, precise, high yielding and cost-effective.

This one diagram says it all.

Now assuming that you are not a startup and you have a product or solution that has been commercialized and is available to the public, your company can amplify one of these two areas: Sales and Marketing.

When I am working with a $20M revenue company, I still see CEOs make a mistake in not use the right GTM strategy to drive revenue. For example, hiring a high-touch, expensive sales force to sell a low-priced product can be disastrous. After this misstep, an otherwise high-potential company may fail to grow fast enough to compete or reach profitability.

Here is another chart to show more attributes that can decide your GTM strategy.

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