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Elevate Humanity

Elevating Humanity defines our existence as a company.

Educating less privileged children from indigenous background is an attempt to work at the grass roots and to effect a change.

The quality of education in indigenous belt in India, around Nilgiris India, remains a major challenge. Both repetition and drop-out rates are quite high. We are proud sponsors of Vidyodaya School, which stands for Education Innovation with a lot of heart.

The VBVT’s first programme was the Vidyodaya School, a school modelled along an alternative pedagogy. The school focusses on the following key principles to elevate kids:

  1. Cooperation and group work

  2. Possibility for children to work at their own pace

  3. Co-curricular activities given equal importance

  4. A firm value-base

  5. Some aspects of the Adivasi culture included in the curriculum

  6. Assessments not based only on performance in the examinations or tests, but based on a holistic approach

In the year 2000, VBVT decided that the adivasi community, having seen their children’s progress in Vidyodaya school, was now ready for an educational intervention and so launched a major programme covering 138 of the 303 adivasi villages of the two taluks of Gudalur Block. By 2015 it had covered all the villages.

We will continue to work with the school and the community to elevate kids to become stars in their own way.

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