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3 Unusual Ways to Standout and Win

Last week, had coffee with a technopreneur in Singapore. What he said blew me away!

After getting to know about his business, the past 6 years of his roller-coaster life as an entrepreneur, motivations to start a business in his 40s after quitting a well-paid job in an MNC – casually asked him this question.

“What is your definition of success and failure? And why now?”

After digging his head down for a few minutes, he looked me in the eye and said this.

My definition of hell is to reach the end of my life and coming face to face with the person you might have been!

I just want to go with no regrets in my heart. So here I am.

In his world, there are no costs or losses.

Just investments.

Investments to learn. Investments to get better everyday. Investments to innovate. Investments to fail. Investments to explore options.

Investments to see how far he can go.

There are a lot of forces in the world that says you can’t do what you love doing. It is true that 98% of the world believes that this is true. And gives up.

But then it leaves 2% of the people with wonderful space and time to stand out and win. They are the exceptions. They chose to play by their rule. Take chances.

Stand out. Have clarity. Develop unique abilities.

Declutter. Stay razor focussed.

Navigate uncertainty. And win.

From him, I had learned 3 ways to stand out, differentiate and win.

Way #1 – Pick a road less travelled.

He chose an industry, market and function that is darn tough. AR outsourcing!!

Yet, he has carved a niche in that area, built a platform and raring to go forward. Though the first few years were tough, once he cracked the code – it became a lot easier.

In his own words, ‘high entry barrier, sticky business‘.

How unusual approach?

It is a lot easier to pick an uncontested area than to run with the herd that is running in one direction.

Way #2 – Simplify to scale.

He has used all his knowledge and wisdom to simplify the business and lay down meticulous processes and systems. Early on, this approach has given him enough bandwidth to focus on other stuff.

Instead of complicating things, it really helps to systematize activities, automate stuff and just focus on high impact creative activities that energize you.

If this approach is applied to any business, it is rest assured that people can apply their unique strengths and capabilities to solve any challenge that comes their way.

Power of simplification is so underrated in this complexity seeking world.

Way #3 – Collaborate to win.

Finally, he has learnt to collaborate with both partners and competitors to create more value. Over the past few years, both he and his competitors have understood the power of partnerships than to compete in ‘red ocean’ markets.

They have sat across the table to discuss how they can elevate the market than to eliminate each other!

Today, they are working together to assemble value additions in each of their business areas and go to market with 10X value to their clients.

Quite smart.

In Summary

It is going to be a privilege to have as my client and work with him to expand his business in the APAC region.

Interestingly we are going to help him stand out, reach far and wide and scale his business (using our AICP model) and accelerate business growth in the next 12 months.

May the force be with us.


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Life is short. Take action and grow. Best Wishes.

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