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How to drive explosive growth (demand) in your Technology Business?

  • Don't do the same things and expect different results.
  • Learn the tricks and take immediate action.
  • Don't waste time. Learn from the experts.

Wednesday, 3rd, October, 

5:00 pm Singapore

Only 50 spots.

Very limited web class. If you are a Technopreneur into System Integration, Digital Tech, Software/ Hardware OEM, Specialist IT Services (Analytics, Security, AI) – you should definitely attend. 

What you will learn in the FREE web class?

Secret #1

How To Work EXCLUSIVELY With Dream Clients Who Pay You More And Need You Less. (Learn how to segment your market, target right prospects who acknowledge the value you provide and at the same time are willing to pay more for your services. Don’t waste time and waste time with everyone and anyone.

Secret #2

Super Simple Conversion Secrets. Learn The Idiot-Proof Sales Framework That Gets Your Prospects PRE-QUALIFYING THEMSELVES and seek your help…so that you focus on your zone of genius and don’t ever have to “sell” or “push” again. Big tech companies do this all the time as they know how!

Secret #3

Infinite Scale: Learn How To scale your demand creation and generation engine…While Working Fewer Hours. (You need to spend lot more time innovating for your clients. Not fret and get frustrated with sales people and elaborate excuses. Your customers pay you for results. Don’t they?)

About Your Host

Mag Rajasekaran, The B4B Guy has been helping tech entrepreneurs accelerate revenue generation. With decades of tech experience in consulting, selling and business development, Mag has put together “Attract, Interest, Convert and Propagate” (AICP) system that has helped dozens of tech companies scale business growth.

Since 2016, Mag has been working with tech CEOs and founders who are in various stages of growth and having different revenue challenges..

His signature systems and programs are built around scaling systems for attracting prospects, converting them to clients, and delivering them en-masse. He’s on a mission to help his clients succeed, employees feel empowered and everyone get inspired to express themselves and make this world a bit better….each day.

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