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Technoprenuers are good in building great technology and deliver excellent client value. But selling and scaling revenues? Uh.

Sometimes, that’s too much to ask.

Yet we all know that tech landscape is changing fast and you need to grab marketshare and increase your valuation. 

You have to do it fast. You have to do it NOW!

If you are looking for a program that will get your from where you are (a bit struggling) to a desired place, then let’s talk.

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Getting on the fast track to success is about executing the right plan. One that includes all of the right strategies for you, executed in the right order, in the right way and at the right pace.


We lead the technology industry in business education, and our training library is an incredibly rich and powerful resource available whenever you need it. Our trainings on marketing, management, leadership and mindset plus our ready to launch 'Done For You' tactics are absolutely revolutionary.

Live Coaching

Led by Mag and the team, every month we help you 2 times to kick your butt into gear, get you unstuck, motivate and lead you, or even just hold your hand to make sure you are on the fast track to hit your goals. This is where you get the greatest value out of our combined knowledge and experience.

Live Intensives

Every quarter, we get together in person and focus on high level tactics, strategy, planning and implementation to help you make massive breakthroughs with your business fast. You’ll be surrounded with like minded, dynamic and entrepreneurial practice owners who are leading the way in technology business.

About Mag, The B4B Guy

My name is Mag Rajasekaran, and I am obsessed with helping technology entrepreneurs achieve desired growth and become extremely successful.

My passion for technology started 23 years ago, and since then I have been fortunate enough to have built technology businesses, consulted with MNCs around the world and sold umpteen deals.

Over the past few years, as a coach and trainer, I have helped many technology companies and businesses accelerate revenue and drive business growth. I have put together systems, education programs and interventions that help tech business owners and teams succeed. 

It’s been a blast and we love what we do!

Tech Acceleration Roadmap

The Fastest and Most Assured Path to Double Your Revenue, Halve your Entrepreneurial bandwidth and Take Control Of Your Business and Life.

12 Accelerators

Client Testimonial


Agility Nexus helped our Account Managers experientially understand the meaning of the word ‘client engagement’. Our team now engages with our client and not just sell the ‘usual way’.

Wahyudi Chandra

CEO, Multipolar Technologies

Agility Nexus helped our sellers understand the dynamics of selling high value, high impact deals by elevating conversations with CXOs. This will help us engage clients at a higher level and shift into a advisory role creating larger impact to business.

Varoon Rajani

CEO, Blazeclan Technologies

Varoon Blazeclan

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