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How To Shift Your Tech Business Into High Growth Path In The Next 12 Months

What You Will Learn In This Exclusive Training

Strategy#1: How To ATTRACT and Work EXCLUSIVELY With Dream Clients Who Pay You More And Need You Less. (Learn how to immediately identify broke and time-wasting tire-kickers and boot them out before they get a foot in.)

Secret#2: Learn how to get your prospects INTERESTED in your message through a The Idiot-Proof Sales Framework That Gets Your Prospects Lining Up And Signing THEMSELVES Up…so that you focus on your zone of genius and don’t ever have to “sell” or “push” again.

Secret#3: Learn how to pre-sell, audition and CONVERT your prospects even before they got to a call with you. It is waste of both you time (and your prospects) to understand each other 1:1 much later in the sales funnel. It should be designed in such a way that you should find if very easy to convert when are interacting with your client on phone. 

BONUS: Just ask us. We will offer you a bonus that will change the game of how you in  the future.

Mag, the B4B Guy, brings his two decades of experience in technology selling, business development and consulting to offer selling & marketing systems, frameworks and capabilities for technoprenuers and tech leaders succeed.
Mag Rajasekaran, The B4B Guy
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