Techcelerate Your Tech Business

Growth FrameWork Webclass To Take Your Tech Business To Next Level.

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What You Will Learn In this Web Class

Theme #1

How To Exclusively Work With Dream Clients Who Pay You More And Need You Less. Learn how to attract right clients, get into high value add deals, choose sweet spots, and immediately avoid wasting time with ‘wrong’ clients and get them out before they get into your business.

Theme #2

Super Simple Conversion Secrets. Learn The Idiot-Proof Sales Framework That Gets Your Prospects Lining Up And Signing THEMSELVES Up…so that you focus on your zone of genius and don’t ever have to “sell” or “push” again.

Theme #3

Infinite Scale: Learn How To Scale Your Business…While Working Fewer (meaningless) Hours going forward. (Your clients will get much better results and you’ll get to spend your time on the stuff you love…innovate more to create greater impact!)

Mag, the B4B Guy, brings his two decades of experience in technology selling, business development and consulting to offer selling & marketing systems, frameworks and capabilities for technoprenuers and tech leaders succeed.
Mag Rajasekaran, The B4B Guy
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