Hello Technopreneur, who is your type A client?

Who Is Your Ideal Type A Client?

Knowing about all the different types of clients is an important factor in deciding the kind of Tech Business you want to run.

Some super fun clients have no money. Some super boring clients have incredibly fun projects, problems to solve and have all the money.

You need to choose the client and the project that brings you the most money and the most enjoyment for what you do.

You also need to know how to handle clients based on their general interests, buying habits and characteristics.

Types Of Clients

We put clients into two categories: the ones who listen to you (those who really want your expertise in more than just Tech) and the ones who don’t.

The latter group can be further broken down into: those who make you think they’ll listen and those who don’t.

You’ll have to figure out why clients are hiring you.

Most clients will hire you for your knowledge and expertise, but maybe it’s just because you’re in the same city, or because you have experience in their industry, or perhaps you’ve built the type of features they needed before.

It might be simply because you’re the cheapest.

Whatever the reason, it will be easier in the long-run if you figure it out and accept clients with similar motivations.

Once you know why they are hiring you, you can decide if you want to continue with these types of clients/ projects and enhance the aspects they are looking for.

You might decide that you want to attract different types of clients and change your company to exude different characteristics and, hopefully, change why people are hiring you.

Type Of Client: The Price Shopper

These are people who give very little information about their requirements and are just looking for the cheapest price. They’re usually the hardest to work with because they don’t want you unless you want to be cheap. They want you to work for below market norms, and then they don’t understand why you didn’t create the Uber of technology apps for them.

Agility Nexus took a few of these projects to get started, but the last thing you want is to build your entire business on these types.

Rarely do these turn into great experiences. Usually, the client doesn’t listen or only acts like they’re listening because they really feel that any Tech business is the same as the next.

They just want the best price.

These people tend to drive the cheapest car in town.

And no, they’ve never actually driven a BMW.

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