Can Inside Sales slog less and get results?

Having worked with 1000+ inside sales people, sales hunters and outbound reps we have discovered one thing. They spend 70% of the time researching accounts, sorting data and only 30% ‘meaningfully’ engaging buyers.

Here are some comments from inside sales team members, marketing heads and senior sales leaders from companies of various shapes or sizes:

  1. I spend way too much time in researching my target account, buyers, spot signals and craft messages that evoke a response. How I wish I had tool that can help me automate this so that I focus on engaging clients” – Inside Sales team member of a $100M Tech System Integration firm.
  2. “I pay inside sales teams and sales hunters to secure meetings and bring qualified leads. I have provided them with so many resources. Yet they fail.” – Enterprise Sales Leader of a fortune 2000 company.
  3. “I can only afford 3 people in inside sales. I know how to engage clients but how can I transfer my wisdom to sellers so that they can prospect like me?” – CEO of a Outsourced Product Development firm.
  4. I have 25 people in my inside sales team. I spend close to $600K in marketing and in running outbound campaigns. I know I am in a red ocean business yet how can I elevate my sellers to pitch and engage clients differently?” – Marketing Head of a $100M System Integrator.
  5. I bought a database from Zoominfo, invested in Gartner Sales Accelerator and have Hubspot Sales Professional. After investing $35,000, have come to realise that spending money does not equal generating qualified opportunities”. – CEO of a $3M Cloud Services firm.

What’s the common narrative in all these 5 cases?

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