Is Your Sales Mechanics aligned to Post Covid Message?

If COVID-19 has impacted the effectiveness of your outbound sales campaigns, you’re not alone.


A lot of TechCEOs are in similar situation. Most have gone into a shell ‘protection’ mode and are being conservative. Very few are taking chances and doubling down on marketing, revamping messaging and staying connected to clients and market in general.


A 2020 HubSpot analysis of 70,000 software customers found that response rates to sales emails (and campaigns) declined by 27% from February to March this year, so the decline is affecting all of us!


But there is hope. The same HubSpot study found that marketing open rates actually increased by 21% overall over the two months.


These numbers paint a compelling story. Clients are willing to engage with your company but in certain contexts above others, and the study suggests that people are more interested in educational or informative resources, like your blog or educational assets.


What does that mean for TechCEOs and sales leaders? As business are recovering and tweaking their H2 plays, you can continue to position yourself as a trusted advisor to prospects and look to create a long-term relationship when the buyer–and budget–are more ready.


Even if you don’t have a relationship with a prospect yet, you can build credibility and trust by incorporating inbound learnings into your outbound approach. Here’s how:

  • Work with Marketing to learn what your prospects care about right now
  • Add value, not asks in your sales messaging
  • Revisit your prospect tiering/scoring accordingly


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