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Are Your Sellers Communicating to Win?

Go to Market with Powerful Communication messages and tools that help your win deals.

Why Is Communication In Selling Important?

Communication Tools

Have you equipped your sales teams with these selling tools?

1. A consistent messaging plan that articulates value to buyers.    

2. Compelling selling arguments that stimulates buyers.

3. Elevator pitches backed by detailed value presentation.

4. Landing page that delivers compelling selling argument.

5. Data sheets that draws in buyers to know more. 

6. Powerful customer case studies that detail problem and benefits.

7. Assessments and Quizzes that educate prospects.

8. Insightful articles and posts that elevate seller profile.

9. Digital media through which sellers can engage clients.

10. Know how to use these tools at the right time and place.

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So How Can We Help You?

TechCEOs come to us to tweak poorly put together sales assets or for a full revamp of message design to re-position, re-brand and sell differently. Accordingly, we offer both basic or advanced packages. 


At this level, we audit your sales and marketing content and put together a marketing & sales kit comprising of landing pages, presentation decks, data sheets, customer case studies, testimonials, video collaterals that allow your sales team to offer consistent value message to your clients and prospects.



If your message to market is stale, out of sync or undifferentiated, you might need a re-brand including messaging re-design. This allows you to re-position your company in front of your clients and drive demand. We offer complete re-brand and messaging make over including tweaking your entire go to market selling assets.

Case Studies
Landing Page

How This Benefits Your Sales Efforts?

  • Re-position your brand in the market
  • Fresh messaging that resonates with your market
  • Drives new demand
  • Articulates value that you offer to clients
  • Equips sales with powerful selling arguments
  • Digital assets that communicates value meaningfully
  • Multi-channel distribution of consistent message 
  • Run measurable and effective campaigns 

Having a consistent go to market message across digital and ‘in person’ assets allows your marketing and sales team to be atleast 5 times more effective than your competition.  Ability to organise, access and distribute your selling arguments and assets at the right time and in the context of the customer buying journey elevates your chance of success. Are you ready?

How Is TechCelerate® Unique?

Clarity & Direction

Getting on the fast track to success is about executing the right plan. One that includes all of the right strategies for you, executed in the right order, in the right way and at the right pace.


We lead the technology industry in business education, and our training library is an incredibly rich and powerful resource available whenever you need it. Our trainings on marketing, management, leadership and mindset plus our ready to launch 'Done For You' tactics are absolutely revolutionary.

Live Coaching

Led by Mag and the team, every month we help you 2 times to kick your butt into gear, get you unstuck, motivate and lead you, or even just hold your hand to make sure you are on the fast track to hit your goals. This is where you get the greatest value out of our combined knowledge and experience.

Live Intensives

Every quarter, we get together in person and focus on high level tactics, strategy, planning and implementation to help you make massive breakthroughs with your business fast. You’ll be surrounded with like minded, dynamic and entrepreneurial practice owners who are leading the way in technology business.