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I’m Mag Rajasekaran,


Having spent more than two decades in tech business, in my new avatar, I’ve been working with ambitious and driven tech entrepreneurs and founders to break the revenue barrier.


Irrespective of what you do – Startup in mature phase, IT services, Software & Hardware OEM, Consulting & System Integration, BPO – you need to have a plan and process to scale your business.

I work with entrepreneurs who want to move to next stage in their business but struggle with the HOW.


When you come to TechCelerate you’ll learn, side-by-side with me (and few others like you) in the trenches, EXACTLY how to put together systems, processes and hire talent that allows you to dramatically increase revenue, cut your working hours in half (at least) so you can invest your time on what’s important – Innovation & Client Experience.


But perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn how to build your business, like mature tech companies, that lets you build your dream.


Well, that’s why you are into business. Isn’t it?

Coyright Agility Nexus Pte Ltd., 2018