• Attn: Account Reps and Sales Directors

    Simplify Selling And Win More Deals

    We understand your frustrations, challenges and even loneliness as a seller. Maybe you need a mentor who understands and helps you succeed in this game.

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“Old ways of selling technology is dying. Are you still bringing a knife to a gun fight?”


Sellers are the most misunderstood people in the organisation. Most often you are given a sales target, a set of products and solutions and are expected to deliver results – by hook or crook.

You get caught between a rock and hard place. Double whammy from both your employer and clients. Often you feel lonely and don’t feel part of a tribe.

Yes, you need to continuously learn and train to master the game. More importantly you need mentorship and belong to a tribe where you are heard, understood, encouraged, inspired and imparted right knowledge to go succeed in the game. Modern tech seller has to think, feel and act differently.

That’s what Sales Agility is all about. We are your tribe.


This course is intended for beginner and mid level sellers to learn skills to become Prospecting Rockstars. We deliver this program both in a workshop and online mode leading to quantifiable outcomes.

Target Audience

SDRs, Junior/Mid Level Sales Reps, Inside Sales Teams.

Course Content

  1. Developing a Sales Rockstar Mindset
  2. Psychology of Sales Slumps
  3. Proven 4 Step Prospecting Framework
  4. Intelligent Targeting
  5. Pro-active Sensing
  6. Precise Messaging
  7. Smart Contacting
  8. Tons of hands on examples and accelerators

Program Benefits

  1. You will develop Sales Rockstar Mindset
  2. You will never get into a weak sales slump.
  3. You will never waste time in chasing wrong prospects
  4. You will know your market better than your competition
  5. You will be there at the tight time to grab an opportunity
  6. Your messages will be powerful and compelling. 
  7. You will secure meetings with CXOs and be very active
  8. You will move seamlessly from prospecting to closing deals.

This course is for Sellers and Account Managers to learn skills to engage CXOs in high quality conversations to shape high value deals. Shaping high value deals and qualifying them decides your career as a result oriented seller. There is heavy focus on ‘Interactive Competence’ and ‘Value Discovery’.

Target Audience

Junior/Mid/Senior Level Sales Reps

Course Content

  1. How has B2B buying journey changed in the recent past?
  2. Connecting with CXOs
  3. Engaging CXOs in high quality conversations
  4. Power of Inquiry and good questions
  5. Co-creating value through Interactive Competence
  6. Putting together a compelling value proposal
  7. Articulating and presenting value proposals for a buy in

Program Benefits

  1. Assess your strengths and weakness as a seller
  2. You will learn how to connect with CXOs
  3. You will know the difference between connection and engagement
  4. You will learn how to prepare for CXO meetings
  5. You will learn how to have a high quality conversation with CXOs
  6. You will learn to listening, dig deep to discover needs and wants.
  7. You will learn to build compelling value proposals that sell