TechCEOs, are you ready for Post Covid Growth?

Align to Post Covid Scenarios

What worked in Jan'20 will not work in Jun'20. Unless TechCEOs connect the dots and engage clients differently you are not not going to go too far.

Calibrate Go to Market

Aligning market segments, messaging, field execution (marketing & sales) and getting sales motion in a line is so vital to succeed. Post Covid sales motion can be very different from first half of 2020.

Align Quotas & Commission

If you have not set right KPIs, planned revised quotas, compensation for your marketing and sales teams, you are going to be in a tough area. You have to fix this in line with 2020 H2 plans.

What You Do In Jun/Jul/Aug 2020 Will Decide Your Future

Golden Window
  1. In action‘ is not an option. You have to engage clients.
  2. You can’t sell your products and services. You have to serve your clients.
  3. You can’t message clients like Jan’20. You’ve to revamp.
  4. Your service offering & pricing has to be tweaked. 
  1. JJA quarter is crucial to capture pent up demand.
  2. Those who engage and stay with prospects will be rewarded.
  3. Your marketing and sales will have to execute differently.

Are You Thinking and Executing Along These Lines?

Post Covid Buyer Journey Will Be Different

Buyer Journey

Have you made changes in your approach?