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Crucial CXO Conversations

It’s time your selling teams get digitally savvy, understand emerging business models, business dynamics, CXO agenda, new buying behaviour and engage business leaders in crucial million dollar conversations.

Selling business outcome drives high value deals.

Is this your problem?

Zero Connect with CXOs

Your sales teams are stuck in CIO/CTO office and are managed down with RFI and RFPs and never ending POCs to test technology and solutions?

Low Value IT Deals?

Is your sales team only picking up low value deals that are close to being commoditised? Are you getting in price wars and discounts too often?

No Deal Differentiation

When sellers drive deals from IT, all proposals look and sound the same. There is no differentiation from one vendor to another and you get locked in competitive bid.

Deals Slipping Away?

Are your deals sitting in the pipeline for ever and even worse - slips out at the 11th hour? Are you frequently losing deals to competitors and you are wondering why?

Real Reason: Your Sales is Stuck in IT Box

What should be done?

Sellers should engage CXOs in CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS

When every company is now becoming a digitally technology company, board room conversations involve delivering business outcomes using technology as a competitive differentiator.

Sellers should be ready to engage both business (non IT CXOs) and IT (CIO/CTO) in conversations that create business value using IT as an enabler.

Those who do that put together a ‘million dollar’ value proposal that appeals to both business and IT leaders.


Now, is your sales team equipped to sell million $ deals?


Is this what you want?


Our Solution: Million $ Conversations

Million $ Conversations – CXO engagement

‘Million $ Conversations’ is our flag ship program that equips technology sellers with knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to engage business leaders and CXOs in high quality conversations that shape high value opportunities.

The program is designed to equip sellers with four essential capabilities:

1) Knowledge to engage and influence CXOs

2) Digital readiness and key shifts in customer buying behaviour

3) Skills, tools and techniques to engage CXOs

4) Build compelling value proposals that has high impact. 


The program has four key features that transform sellers to next level of capability:

  • Superior knowledge to appeal to CXO agenda
  • Skill and Role Plays to ingrain behaviour to engage CXOs
  • Field Coaching to hand hold sellers to high value deals
  • Continuous Assessment to evaluate progress

What are your key benefits?

Engage non IT CXOs

Your sales team will be equipped to engage CXOs and business leaders in high quality business conversations thereby positioning your company and business differently.

Compelling Value Props

Your sales team will dig deep, gather themes & data and put together compelling value proposals that resonate well with CXOs. They will be on million $$$ deals.

Deal Conversions

By engaging CXOs early and in an impactful manner, your sellers will have qualified the deal really well. This will definitely improve deal conversion rates and you will avoid hits & misses.

Customer Success

By shaping compelling value proposals that CXOs buy in will lead to deals that are set up for a win-win leading to improved customer success in delivery.

How the program rolls?

Coaching for Results

Our expert team of Technology Sales Leaders will coach your sales team over a pre-determined time period to achieve sales challenges and results.

Our sales experts come from various technology background and understand selling and buying cycles in:

– Cloud and SaaS selling

– Business transformation using strategic IT initiatives

– ERP (Oracle, SAP, Infor and other flavours)

– Industry specialisation (BFSI, Telco, Media, Manufacturing)

– Infrastructure & Managed Services 

– Digital technologies

– BPO, ITES, KPO and Service based industry

Client Testimonial

Agility Nexus helped our Account Managers experientially understand the meaning of the word ‘client engagement’. Our team now engages with our client and not just sell the ‘usual way’.

Wahyudi Chandra

CEO, Multipolar Technologies

Agility Nexus helped our sellers understand the dynamics of selling high value, high impact deals by elevating conversations with CXOs. This will help us engage clients at a higher level and shift into a advisory role creating larger impact to business.

Varoon Rajani

CEO, Blazeclan Technologies

Why engage with us?

Build World Class Selling Skills

We continuously research and develop world class selling interventions, based on adult learning principles, that include marketing, prospecting, client engagement and account management.

We secure Business Outcomes

We focus on your business outcomes - your sales results. We train, coach and measure for results. All our programs have been built keeping these 3 activities in mind.

We impact your sales culture

Our programs are designed to positively impact both skills and behaviour. It is important to improve your sales culture to create cohesion, collaboration and high performance. We help you get there.