Exit B2B Marketing. Enter B4B Marketing

(Reading time – 3 minutes. You will re-consider B2B marketing approach after reading this post)


I am sorry to say that, in the recent times, B2B marketeers have becomeĀ inhuman.


Don’t believe me?


Ok. Let’s do this exercise. Say this word out loud. LEAD.


Now close your eyes and think of the word LEAD. Count 1 to 5 and then open your eyes. Start now.




Now that you have opened your eyes, what image came to your mind? Be honest.


Your Salesforce.com screen for leads? Or your MailChimp email id? Or your lead report that you send to your marketing bosses?

Or a human being – with flesh and blood?


9 out of 10 times, you would have struggled to hold an image. Even if you did, I am quite confident that it is definitely not a human being.


As marketeers, most of you, have succumbed to corporate pressure and metrics. In a hurry to satisfy bosses, you have fallen prey to ‘click through rates‘, ‘open rates‘ and ‘bounce rates‘ than to care for the human being on the other side of the screen.

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