5 India Tech Sales Hiring Trend for 2021

I’ve been interviewing dozens of tech sales guys in Indian sub-continent. Primarily in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai belt. I help tech sellers find right roles and transition to winning plays over next 3-4 years.

Here are few key observations:

  1. If you selling Infra to Enterprise, MSME, SMB segments you should seriously consider moving to Public Cloud bandwagon
  2. If you are with traditional asset companies – Datacenter Services and Network Services – such as SIFY Technologies, guard your patch with more compelling value proposals.
  3. if you are with Public Cloud services companies (born in the cloud) such as BlazeClan, Sysfore, Crayon, Umbrella Infocare, Rapyder, SourceFuse, Hanu – move up from selling migration and managed services to data and modernisation services.
  4. If you are in other OEM eco-system such as Security (Checkpoint),     

Sales hiring trends for 2021 may not be as clear as in previous years. Even with a vaccine starting to be distributed, we are still a year away from moving on from the pandemic. It will continue to impact tech sales industry for the bulk of the year, affecting hiring trends.

I have met sellers who are still hitting quotas while others are still sulking. I can understand. We sellers are used to travel, networking with buyers & partners and want to play aggressive in hitting our goals. It feeds into our energy.

I have some good news. 

It’s not bleaky out there. Companies are placing bets and hiring in 2021.

If you play your game well, you can bet on the winning horse (company), trend and set yourself for a wining lap of 3-4 years. let’s look at some scenarios.

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