Are You Spooked? Don’t.

“This feels like a hell. 2008 seemed manageable”

“Will my business survive this? Two of our customers have asked for massive hair cut!”

“How will I manage next 3 months?”

“My pipeline is off the table. This is disastrous!”

“This is not the moment for growth. This is the moment for survival.”

These are some verbatim quotes from TechCEOs with whom we are talking to right now. There is fear, anxiety, pressure to hang in and most painful of all is that (it seems) there is no visibility at end of the tunnel. 


“We just came back from our fantastic sales kick off in Bali end January and now this! This is the worst crap show that could have happened at the beginning of the year. “

Are you resonating with these thoughts and emotions? If yes, well you are not alone.


Well then in any situation you have two ways of looking at things. One through a filter of fear and anxiety and another through a filter of confidence and progress. Fear usually is usually related to uncertainty while confidence is related to commitment, courage and discipline.


It’s all about having the right frame of mind to address this crisis. Maybe we have to learn to shift our mindset and pick up a few tricks from the Navy Seals.


There’s a part of Navy SEAL training called “drown-proofing” where they bind your hands behind your back, tie your feet together, and dump you into a 9-foot-deep pool. Your job is to survive for five minutes.





















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B2B is dead. B4B is born.

(Reading time 4 minutes. Lengthy but intriguing)

Isn’t this a bold idea?


What’s in a title? Maybe everything.


Something that is very personal and possibly deep. A worldview that can shift our thinking and inspires us to do few things totally different.


Nah. How can that be? How is it possible?


How can you change a word, a preposition, ‘to‘ and replace it with ‘for‘ and call it a game changer?


We have seen it all. Haven’t we all been in business far too long to be moved by play of words. A small change from ‘To’ to ‘For’ means nothing.


Well, I don’t think so. I will tell you why in a moment.


Here is the bold idea again: ‘B2B is dead. B4B is born‘.

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