What Got You Here,

Will Not Get You There

To move up in your career ladder having just technical skill set is not enough. You Need More.


Most of the technical folks don't understand how organisations think, how to sense opportunities, clearly communicate ideas and influence decisions. So they are stuck!

Not Anymore. Here is Workshop that changes the game for you

  • Self Awareness. Know Yourself to Excel.
  • Understand How Organisations Think
  • Learn how to communicate to win
  • Learn how to influence your boss to sell your idea
  • Learn how to influence your peers
  • Position yourself to win
  • Execute Your Plan.
  • Audit, Tweak and Refine

How Will it benefit you?

  • You will understand yourself, your strengths and weakness. Without Self Awareness you can't go far.
  • You will understand what happens within your company and how management thinks.
  • You will to articulate and communicate your ideas better. Those who communicate with clarity get noticed.
  • You will know how to influence your boss and peers to get your ideas across. This can make or break your career.
  • You will learn to position yourself in the line of opportunities. If can't strike when the iron is hot, you loose.
  • You will learn how to put this plan into action
  • You will have expert support you achieve your goal. Talking to a coach is worth hundred hours of self learning.

What Our Learners Say

Jumping from one technology to technology is a never ending story. Acquiring critical skills and becoming more self aware can up your game many times over.

The course helped me understand myself better and assisted me to move in the right direction.
Suraj Natarajan
Sales Director, Avensys
This course helped get over the time when I was stuck in my job. Now I am more confident and clear to move forward. Coaches were excellent.
Arlene Ng
Change Management Leader

Who are the trainers?


Mag Rajasekaran, The B4B Guy

Mag has two decades of business experience in technology business. He has worked for multiple MNCs and has now dedicated himself to bring high quality and learning intervention to help professionals and executives succeed at work. Mag is a certified coach and a self proclaimed nerd. Magendar has conducted 20 programs over the past 2 years impacting 100 executives to succeed at work.

Course Pricing

Special discount for Avensys Staff
$ 700
  • 2 Days Workshop
  • Detailed Career Plan
  • Coaching to execute the plan

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