Elevate Humanity

Elevating Humanity defines our existence as a company.

Educating less privileged children from indigenous background is an attempt to work at the grass roots and to effect a change.

The quality of education in indigenous belt in India, around Nilgiris India, remains a major challenge. Both repetition and drop-out rates are quite high. We are proud sponsors of Vidyodaya School, which stands for Education Innovation with a lot of heart.


The VBVT’s first programme was the Vidyodaya School, a school modelled along an alternative pedagogy. The school focusses on the following key principles to elevate kids:

  • Cooperation and group work
  • Possibility for children to work at their own pace
  • Co-curricular activities given equal importance
  • A firm value-base
  • Some aspects of the Adivasi culture included in the curriculum
  • Assessments not based only on performance in the examinations or tests, but based on a holistic approach

In the year 2000, VBVT decided that the adivasi community, having seen their children’s progress in Vidyodaya school, was now ready for an educational intervention and so launched a major programme covering 138 of the 303 adivasi villages of the two taluks of Gudalur Block. By 2015 it had covered all the villages.

We will continue to work with the school and the community to elevate kids to become stars in their own way.

Good Stress Vs Bad Stress in Selling

Sellers often chase targets and try to achieve sales objectives in their job. Often they succumb to burn outs, lows and struggle to get back. Once they understand how to think about ‘thinking stress‘ they are better off in managing any situation.

In this clip, I talk about the difference between good and bad stress.


B4B Sales Agility Workshop at S&I Systems

It was fantastic to see sellers at S&I System make an intentional mind shift and ready to move from SLA driven features and function selling to business outcomes and experiences. In the digital era where continuous value is being created everyday, both ‘Interactive Competence‘ and ‘Value Discovery‘ are two important skills that will separate a Sales Rockstar from the average order taker.
Best wishes to the team to scale new heights and to achieve your sales objectives in 2018!

Is Selling a Lonely Profession?

Well, here is the hard truth.


Sales culture and compensation models in both large and mid sized technology companies simply suck.


Sales culture and compensation models drive sales behaviour.


in most of the companies, the sales behaviour model makes one seller on the same team against each other.



Can Small Technology Players beat the Big Guys?

Happy Chinese New Year folks.


Over the past year, I have been talking to many CEOs of small and mid sized technology companies in South East Asia. One of their top concern is to win profitable deals and capture higher value with big clients.


But then the other concern was that big tech vendors have been incumbents in large accounts taking a lion share of the client budget. So do small and mid sized tech vendors have a chance? The answer is a big YES.



Here is why?


Be Conscious, Not Compulsive in Selling

(Reading time 4 mins. In 2017, let’s be conscious, not be compulsive and mindless in chasing growth. It works.)


2016. Oh, what a year it was! An interesting cocktail of emotionally charged outcomes.


To quote a few notable ones – Rise of populism, shift in geo politics and power, $3.3 trillion of takeovers chasing growth, AI coming of age, self driving cars, fake news, Oil play, shipping bankruptcy, people going gaga over ‘Pokemon Go’, attacks in Brussels & Nice, Aleppo and a fast changing world innovating and disrupting at a rapid clip.


Without judging anything that has happened let me ask you a question?


How did 2016 make you FEEL?


Did you feel empowered or disillusioned? Only you know the answer.


In my case, I am coming out of 2016 with mixed feelings.


Whichever way I look at it, I am quite sure that we are being setup for one hell of a ride. It’s not going to be smooth, predictable and remotely uninteresting.


It could jolt some of us, throw many of us into realms of new opportunities or challenges and even force us to step out of our comfort zones. For people in sales profession, 2017 is definitely a make or break year.


This is a nice segue to ask the next question.


As sellers, what do you think you will need to be successful in 2017 and beyond?


To get your thoughts going I will make my case to this question in 3 parts:

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What did Satya do to energise Microsoft?

(Reading time 4 mins. Analyse using B4B Wheel to map Microsoft and Satya’s strategy)

Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation. This is a critical time for the industry and for Microsoft. Make no mistake, we are headed for greater places — as technology evolves and we evolve with and ahead of it. Our job is to ensure that Microsoft thrives in a mobile and cloud-first world.

This paragraph was somewhere in the middle of the first letter Satya Nadella wrote to Microsoft’s employees once he took over as CEO on 4th Feb 2014.

Steve Ballmer exited Microsoft in Aug 2013. Satya Nadella stepped in as the CEO around Feb 2014.

What has changed since then?

One word. Culture.

The approach. A shift from ego-centric 800 pound gorilla like approach to a clear thinking yoda like inclusive leadership.

A shift from ‘I am right, you are wrong‘ mindset to ‘let’s discuss and evolve together‘ progressive thinking.

In two years, Satya has led a cultural revolution at Microsoft that has brought a lot more compassion, a lot more energy around the way people feel and think about things.

Microsoft ‘power center‘ approach where every product group ruled the roost and thought in silos has truly given way to ‘One Microsoft‘ group think that has a unified mission.

To understand this even better, let’s compare and contrast Ballmer and Satya’s approach using Agility Nexus B4B Wheel.

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