Build your Leadership Quotient in today’s digital economy to win. Meet the creative minds behind ground-breaking ideas that will transform your thinking.

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, there needs to be a focus on leadership, innovation and customer centric thinking, as opposed to simply an iterative action stuck in a status quo.

The winners in the future will come from those organisations with people who can lead, build great culture, think critically, take thoughtful decisions, be customer centric, forecast possibilities and deliver customer experiences that goes beyond the ordinary.

The Agility Nexus has designed a three-day The Agility Nexus Digital Technology Leadership Programme for senior managers, CEOs, COOs and Managing Directors from technology firms in South East Asia to sharpen their leadership quotient, develop critical thinking, hone decision making skills, forecast the future, learn customer centricity principles to develop compelling products and services and win the game.

Build your individual leadership and decision-making skills in today’s digital economy

  • How can I be a successful leader of a technology company in this transformational age?
  • Reflecting on my own vision, sense of direction and instincts that will enable me to make better decisions.
  • How do I translate the digital transformation I see all around me into a sustainable model for my organisation into the future?

Learn to forecast trends in the technology space and in the region that can help you in your own environment

  • What do I know about developments in one of the world’s most progressive regions, South East Asia, that I can map back to developments in my own country?
  • How do I understand and read all the different people I meet in the digital world? The innovators, investors, regulators, technologists I come across and what do I learn from each of them?
  • How do I make sense of all the technological changes that is happening around me? How can I look for leverages that I can adopt in my organisation?
  • How can I translate the fast approaching tomorrow into today’s solution that gives me an edge with my customers?

Be inspired by disruptive thinkers who lead the charge on building great customer experience where the customer is in the center of everything.
The most successful brands have learned to deploy deep customer understanding to deliver compelling, engaging, experiences in the moment. The next generation of CX innovators, however, are using the insights derived from deep customer understanding to discover completely new business opportunities, expand customer relationships into new verticals, and explosively grow revenues.

  • To drive growth, CX leaders must take on a visible, assertive and decisive profile in directing your whole organization toward new business opportunities, new customers and new sources of revenue. 
  • Radical reinvention and revenue growth requires a complete, 360-degree view of your customers behaviors and values, not just their interactions and relationships with you. Learn to you map customers’ unmet needs beyond your existing products and services.


This program will help you to marry leadership, innovation and customer centricity to steer your organisation to prosperity in the digital economy.

Programme Schedule

Day 1 (23 Aug) Leadership Quotient

  • Welcome breakfast and introductory session – Leadership in the Digital World
  • Key developments in South East Asian Technology industry that has shaped its role as a technological innovation hub
  • Challenger Players – Business models & leadership styles
  • How to assess your own leadership style and make it relevant to the times?
  • Wrap up – Day 01
  • Drinks and Dinner

Day 2 (24 Aug) Innovation in VUCA World

  • How can leaders bring predictability in a VUCA world?
  • How to frame change in a ever changing world?
  • Peeking into the future to perceive trends that can impact your business.
  • Constructng the future for both you and your customers.
  • Turning tomorrow into today for your you and your customers.
  • Understand how to use ‘foresight and insight’ action cycles to build product and service portfolios.
  • Wrap up – Day 02

Day 3 (25 Aug) Customer Centricity

  • Understand key dimensions of customer experience and how to measure and track them
  • Develop your brand with good customer experiences as a competitive advantage for your organisation
  • Identify the gaps in corporate strategy that affect design and delivery of unique customer experiences
  • Appreciate and apply blueprinting in designing and delivering unique customer experience
  • Adopt best practice strategies to drive a customer-centric culture in your organisation

Facilitators & Speakers

Andrew Bryant
Leadership Coach and Leading author "Self Leadership'
Manoj Fenelon
Futurist & Leading Foresight & Innovation Consultant
Gopi C P
Leadership and Change Catalyst
Scott Bales
Leading Technology Innovation Consultant and Leader

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