5 India Tech Sales Hiring Trend for 2021

I’ve been interviewing dozens of tech sales guys in Indian sub-continent. Primarily in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai belt. I help tech sellers find right roles and transition to winning plays over next 3-4 years.

Here are few key observations:

  1. If you selling Infra to Enterprise, MSME, SMB segments you should seriously consider moving to Public Cloud bandwagon
  2. If you are with traditional asset companies – Datacenter Services and Network Services – such as SIFY Technologies, guard your patch with more compelling value proposals.
  3. if you are with Public Cloud services companies (born in the cloud) such as BlazeClan, Sysfore, Crayon, Umbrella Infocare, Rapyder, SourceFuse, Hanu – move up from selling migration and managed services to data and modernisation services.
  4. If you are in other OEM eco-system such as Security (Checkpoint),     

Sales hiring trends for 2021 may not be as clear as in previous years. Even with a vaccine starting to be distributed, we are still a year away from moving on from the pandemic. It will continue to impact tech sales industry for the bulk of the year, affecting hiring trends.

I have met sellers who are still hitting quotas while others are still sulking. I can understand. We sellers are used to travel, networking with buyers & partners and want to play aggressive in hitting our goals. It feeds into our energy.

I have some good news. 

It’s not bleaky out there. Companies are placing bets and hiring in 2021.

If you play your game well, you can bet on the winning horse (company), trend and set yourself for a wining lap of 3-4 years. let’s look at some scenarios.

Scenario #1 – If you selling Infra to Enterprise, MSME, SMB segments

I’ve spoken to a dozens who are reselling infra or related services to enterprise, MSME and SMB segments. You could be working for tier 1 or tier 2 Infra players such as 

While securing up-sell deals into existing accounts is important, please wake up. Unless you are hibernating, you know that biggy cloud players such as AWS, Google Cloud and Azure and investing ton in Indian market. Google is pouring billions in Delhi (maybe pairing up with SIFY Technologies for Data center) while AWS is investing boat loads in Hyderabad (perhaps investing into Ctrls?).

Public cloud OEMs are setting up offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, and Coimbatore to support GTM initiatives to penetrate enterprises, MSME, SMB and align with independent software vendors, consulting partners, digital native businesses, government agencies, academic institutions.

You should seriously consider moving to sell public (or atleast Hybrid) cloud for next 3-5 years.

If you are a Account Rep/BDM and exploring a move, click here: Account Reps Welcome.

If you are a Sales Leader exploring a move, click here: Sales Leader Welcome.


Scenario #2 – If you are with NW/Telco asset companies

I am also interacting with tech sellers in NW asset/telco asset companies such as SIFY Technologies. Typically both account managers and sales hunters run with annual quota of Rs 5- Rs 6Cr.

You could be selling GEN 3 Hyperscale data centers, co-location services, co-managed services or the likes. I typically see that the sellers know more of infra value prop and are limited in their knowledge of the NEW. They are backed by BDMs or Overlay sales who carry a quote to sell Cloud, Application Services or Security.

  1. Please upgrade your skills to create deeper value to your clients. Your clients are looking for application modernisation (re-factor, re-platform) along with workload migration
  2. Sell more bundle deals – stitch in bundle deals that have assets (DC, NW) along with application services. This way you secure a ‘lock in’ and increase cost of transition if your client considers transitioning to competitive stack.
  3. Get sticky – Find ways to secure annuity deals that create more value. Never just sell ‘dumb’ infra.
  4. Strengthen relationship – Anchor your relationships. You are the steward for new sources of value for your buyers.
  5. Explore public cloud – If you get a break to ride the public cloud wave, join the band wagon.

If you are a Account Rep/BDM and exploring a move, click here: Account Reps Welcome.

If you are a Sales Leader exploring a move, click here: Sales Leader Welcome.


Scenario #3 – If you are with public cloud service companies

I see a lot of sellers who have managed to secure a slot with public cloud companies missing a beat. While 50% are able to learn the ropes, mature and move up the value ladder – others get dropped out. Here are some of the top reasons:

  1. You get fired for bad attitude and no hussle (no excuses there).
  2. You have not invested in picking up skills to create compelling client value. 
  3. You are not able to double up for pre-sales teams. You constantly want to take meetings along with pre-sales. Hey, pre-sales resources are cost to company.
  4. Your network with cloud OEM sellers is weak. If you are mapping OEM BDMs and tagging along to create demand, you are missing out a lot.

if you’ve plugged this gap, you can get an immediate 50% uplift from your current numbers and are on your way to earn your commission. By the way, you are on the right vehicle (public cloud) and do not miss it. It’s your time.

If you are a Account Rep/BDM and exploring a move, click here: Account Reps Welcome.

If you are a Sales Leader exploring a move, click here: Sales Leader Welcome.


Scenario #4 – If you are with other cloud Eco-system OEM firms

Finally, if you are with Cloud eco-system OEMs such as App Dynamics, Ping Identity, New Gen, Talend, CheckPoint, Sophos, NuData – you are uniquely positioned to ride the cloud wave. With the continued rapid adoption of hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) software as a seamless bridge between datacenters and public clouds, you can now address both markets.

New products and services can quickly be built (like a Lego block model) in the cloud, which gives a quick, low-risk way to benefit from innovative technologies and strategies — be it hyperscalers or third parties.

Prioritise your product and solution use cases to address CXO budgets. Be it the CDO, CIO or CISO, bring together business and IT teams to close the gap between higher-level goals and technical ones.

Be it leveraging AI, ML and cloud models in your products, deploy security controls for people, processes and technologies, DevOps tooling, Big data plays, Industry solutions – your canvas is wide open. Utilise it.

If you are a Account Rep/BDM and exploring a move, click here: Account Reps Welcome.

If you are a Sales Leader exploring a move, click here: Sales Leader Welcome.


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